*** This is my practice website to learn and practice HTML, using Microsoft Step By Step book, by Faithe Wempen. ***

Basic Information

Template documents

Transitional HTML 4.01
Transitional XHTML 1.0

Basic tags

Paragraph tag: <p> </p> (two-sided tag)
Line break tag: <br /> (one-sided tag)
Horizontal line: <hr />


Surround the area with a <div></div> tag.
Add an id to name the division:
<div id="main">
Define the arguments in the tag:
<div id="topnav" style="width: 150px; float: left"> </div>
Use a style sheet to define arguments:
#main {position: absolute; top: 100px; left: 200px}


Two-sided tags from <h1> to <h6>
<h2>My Title Goes Here</h2>

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


Horizontal ruler
Vertical ruler

Special characters

& &amp;
< &lt;
> &gt;
(space) &nbsp;
¢ &cent;
£ &pound;
¥ &yen;
© &copy;
® &reg;
° &deg;
± &plusmn;